Bylaws Revision
Bylaws Draft Revision History:



Fellow Saddlebrooke Property Owner:

The POA Board of Directors (BOD) is recommending that the POA Bylaws be revised to reflect current and projected needs.  We would like to give all property owners the opportunity to offer suggestions for improvement before asking each property owner to vote on the proposed bylaws.  The date for that vote is still to be determined.

The major changes that the BOD believes need to be made to the bylaws include:


1.     Changing the BOD to have five members.  Currently there are four members.  There is a risk that a vote could end in a tie, and there is no remedy.  Also, as the community continues to grow, the needs are expanding such that adding a fifth member will allow more members to be involved in helping to oversee the POA assets and properties.

2.     Adding clarity to what is a “member in good standing.”

3.     Defining clearly the BOD’s authority to create both Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and what a resolution to create a committee shall include.

4.     Defining more clearly two Standing Committees:  Architectural Review Committee, and Election Committee.

5.     Adding “Projects Manager” as fifth Board Member and outlining those responsibilities.

6.     Restatement of how the bylaws may be amended to allow use of current technology, and to include non-resident members.


Other small changes are made throughout the document.  All changes are shown in “red” and the existing text has a strikethrough shown so that you may see what is the current language.


A DRAFT of the proposed amended bylaws is posted to the POA website (above).  We will use the website to show the “latest” draft, as well as prior versions on this page.


The BOD has also created an email address so that you can send in your suggestions for additions or edits.  That email address is:



As we receive owners’ input, the website will post the most current version of the proposed bylaws, while retaining a history of previous drafts, so we encourage you to visit the site for what is being considered.


You will be notified in advance of the voting process, that the final, proposed version is available on the website, and the deadline for receiving votes.  To amend the bylaws requires 2/3 of all votes cast to be in favor of the amended bylaws.


Thank you in advance for your input, and careful consideration of the changes we are proposing,


The Saddlebrooke Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors